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The Ragnarok Online Calculator by ROratorio, able to simulate stats, equipment, status resistance, skills and damage from Characters in PVM, MVP and PVP environments With proper practice, these two skills will help you hop from one spot to another fast. Oboro KE Build mainly uses Double Dagger as your main Left+Right hand setup to maximize damage. ... Orochi Builds. Better if slotted. Increases damage of Swirling Petal by additional 5% per refine rate. Use this skill until your current HP is even number, then rebuff your Distorted Crescent. But you will still need to put some to few points on this to make your maximum HP an even number, which you will need to easily buff yourself with Distorted Crescent. [Set Bonus] Ninja Shadow Set Oboro Shadow Set All Stat +7, MaxHP +3%, MaxSP +3%. Ninjas can also endow themselves with several different abilities: Cicada Skin Shed and Mirror Image prevents almost all non-magical damage from harming them. When equipped with Kagerou Shadow Shoes: Increases long ranged physical damage by 5%, reduces cooldown of Cross Slash by 1 second. Good armor card with decent increase on Weapon ATK. The time has come once again to experience the legendary MMORPG Ragnarok Online. Oboro Builds. It has long cooldown so use it carefully. This works well to avoid dying from reflect of RG and SC's Reject Sword in PvP maps. Oboro KE Build generally uses double dagger to maximize damage so you only use shield on certain situations only, mainly for buffing or just for reducing/avoiding incoming attacks. When set has a total refine of +15, it removes size penalty on your physical damage. The ninja class is fun and offers three types of roles to play: a magic ninja, a throwing ninja (now nerfed to be the weakest of the … This one is more balanced than Fallen Angel Wings because of its additional HP/SP effects. I recommend using it only when you're still starting on this build coz it only gives few stats wherein there are other cards that have more beneficial effects. King Schmidt's Strong Insignia (Mid to High Cost), Sarah's Left Earring / Sarah's Right Earring (Mid to High Cost), Physical Enhancer Ring(1) (Mid to High Cost). Oboro สายmagic ตอนนี้เวล 103 จะดันMatk ให้แตะ40k ได้มั้ยคับ ประกาศจากทาง กฎ กติกา มารยาทเว็บไซต์ Put your Deco Stone and Star Stones in this to get their effect. A better version of their pre evolution. It increases ATK/MATK depending on the target's HP/SP value. You can follow these steps: Essence of Evil are etc. A good starting weapon especially if have good enchants. If ever your max HP is not even number due to some buffs/food, you can use Ninja Aura to reduce your HP and see if it becomes even number, then quickly use Distorted Crescent. Just use it if you have and partner it with. Enemies with Cross Wound status takes more damage from this skill. Being a neutral element damage, it will miss on Lv.3 to Lv.4 Ghost property targets. Edited by Musu, 14 February 2013 - 07:00 PM. A no-penalty version of dark faceworm card but only works if its compounded in your right accessory. The higher the refine the better. That … It helps on distracting monsters and make them target the clone, giving you time to escape or to kill them. These are my rough ideas of how I'd build these. With these items that you can put on your costumes and amulet, you will gain more stats and damage. Just recently the descendants of the original Ninja hav… To get its increase ATK buff, you will need your current HP an even number (numbers that ends in 0,2,4,6, and 8) when using it. +3% SP cost per 3 refine. All stats + 7. Much thanks guys. One of the major build types for Kagerou and Oboro is the magic using or "caster" build. Most hitting characters that level up easy are Agi type builds since they don’t cost a lot of white potions. Reduces aftercast skill delay by 2% per refine. Many ages ago, there was a powerful clan of shadow warriors who served the Lord of Amatsu. Will only spend more on refining. Their only use is to get the Distorted Crescent buff, after which you swap back to your original weapon set. You can check. Wear together with, Very good armor card but very expensive. Here you can find all the Sorcerer Builds that are optimized for the Elder Scrolls Online. This skill improves your damage greatly. Each summoned charm increases weapon ATK and when you summoned 10, your weapon will be endowed with Earth Element. Ragnarok Online | Magic OBORO Showcase | Munbalance - YouTube Increases long ranged physical damage by 10%. Dispels the reflection effect of target. One of recommended partner for Royal Guard Shield and has the same base DEF of Shelter Resistance. These Ninja passed into the realm of legend, a fairy tale told to frighten small children. There may be a time that your HP won't turn to even number no matter how many times you use this skill. You just have to take care of it well and avoid dying many times while they are out because this will reduce their intimacy, and might end up running away. But I’ll start with the easy to level-up build. If you still lack aftercast delay reduction, this headgear will help. a Shelter Resistance will give you +140 ATK, but with this buff, it will give more than +280 ATK /slur). MaxHP +100% Reduce physical and magical defense by 50%. Note: These weapons are NOT to be used as a mian weapon. Here are the list of skills that you will frequently use on this build. Builds: Magic - Str: 1-80 - Agi: 1-90 - Vit: 80-100 - Int: 100-120 - Dex: 1-110 - Luk: 30-60 This build is similar to Oboro's predecessor class, Ninjas. Using this shield to gain more ATK is a bit tricky to do. Elder Scrolls and Fallout community: character builds, lore, discussions and more. When DEX is maxed, it gives +13% long range damage. Listed below are the equipments and cards that i recommend for this build. Good upper HG to increase weapon ATK. Important Note: *If your casting time is very fast, it will be hard to pull off Step 3. Basically, this build requires you to have high to max DEX and STR to increase Kunai Explosion's damage, average amount of AGI to reduce skill animation and INT to reduce casting time. Status Build: Str Just 1 (or to carry items) Dex Instant Cast Agi 195 ASPD (put this after statting DEX) Int Until you reach the last bonus (You gain a MATK bonus every 5th int. Flip Tatami gives the same protection from ranged attacks as Pneuma for three seconds so long as he or she does not chan… Atk +100, Atk +10 per 2 refine. Using this shield to gain more ATK is a bit tricky to do. Relying on flanking rules or situational bonuses to gain advantage is unreliable to say the least. No particular important effect except for their slot. Good starting middle HG. This build is named from its main offensive skill, Have evasion skills from physical and long range attacks, Shadow Hiding + Shadow Leap - quick relocation like Sura's Body Relocation, Doesn't rely too much on potions and foods. Other factors that affect its damage: DEX, Skill Level, Base and Job Level. Beginner/Mid Players don't need to make the skill insta-cast, making the cast bar show within split seconds is just enough. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Content to be the right hand to the feudal warlord, they were known as the Ninja--silent assassins who excelled in weapon and magical arts. Consumes Shadow Orb. Every 10 base points of DEX: Increase long range physical attack by 1%. Chance to transform into Eddga when dealing physical damage or attacked by physical attack. It seems that a lot of people don't know much about them since there aren't many high lvl ones around. Adds a chance of increasing ATK by 100 and reducing FLEE by 50 for 5 seconds when attacking enemy. On PvM, it helps you evade and get away from enemies that gets near you. If base STR is 120, additional atk+20. Can summon up to 10 charms. You currently have javascript disabled. Good accessory card and best if worn together with. PvE Dungeon & Trial META Sorcerer Builds. Also a good AoE offensive skill to deal with Lv.3-Lv.4 Ghost property but its AoE is small and it consumes a lot of Kunai, and Kunais are quite heavy. Build 1 Oboro has balanced stats that make her a good vanguard, especially when used as a Holy Lancer. Caster is immobilized and rapidly regenerates HP and SP. Every 10 base points of STR: Increase ATK by 5. Temporal STR Manteau(1) (High to Very High Cost), Adventurer's Backpack(1) (Mid to High Cost), Applause Sandals(1) (High to Very High Cost), Revised Temporal DEX Boots(1) (Low to Mid Cost). It also pushes enemies away from caster if they're within the skill's range. One of recommended partner for Royal Guard Shield. Filed under: Build (Stats/Skills), Character Guides, PvP, WoE | 9 Comments » Short Guide on 1/PvP Sinx/Assassin Cross Introductory Guide Posted on June 22nd, 2013 by root1 Can be worn together with. Recommended for dealing more damage to Boss monsters. It decreases your skill casting animation, needed to quickly release KE skill improving the skill's DPS. These types of Kag/Obo use the ninja magic skills as their primary attacks, using the elemental charms and 16th night Kag/Obo buffs to increase damage and reduce cast time (respectively). Bringing pet is also good because they also give beneficial effect when they are loyal. Be careful on using this because if your current HP is an odd number, your ATK will be reduced instead. Your main offensive skill. ATK increased by (Refine*Refine), up to +15 refine level. Its damage is Pseudo-elemental. To solve this issue, we turn towards the Barbarian Leveling Guide 1. It mainly focuses on increasing the skill's damage as much as possible and reduce its aftercast delay to the point that you can spam it several times within a second. Good starting to mid-gear shoes but also a decent footgear on end game. Good starting armor that gives additional MaxHP. No particular important effect except for its enchantments. Nullifies reduction in damage inflicted on monsters resulting from monster's size. Build 1 Orochi’s incredible magic … On PvP maps, its backward jump still works. When you are already satisfied with the speed of your KE spamming, you can focus next on increasing your damage more. It can also be use to detect hidden enemies. Alternative headgear card to increase damage if you have no Violent Coelecanth Card yet. But i don't recommend using this on Mid to End Gear. Somehow, these daggers lose their bonus damage effects when worn as offhand. Ninjas are an expanded class that cannot be rebirthed or adopted. Bug … -5% aftercast delay, +10% SP cost. This build is named from its main offensive skill, Kunai Explosion. so does that mean i can cast exploding dragon instantly with enough agi? Good starting to mid-gear garment. Skill property is … Good Mid-Gear garment. Put your Star Stones in this to get their effect.

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