Press Release

We were recently informed of Ms. Sherry Scheline’s August 1st Facebook post regarding the lawsuit she’s in. Here is the breakdown of those statements and our response:



We purchased McCall Weddings in December of 2013. The company dated back to 2010, and carried with it common-law trademark rights. Sherry Scheline started McWed two months later, after working for us for approximately 4 months.

The original lawsuit was not just over a hashtag, but several infringements, some of which nobody in the industry used except Ms. Scheline. In addition to using the hashtags #McCallWeddings, #McCallWeddingAndEvents and #McCallWeddingAndEventPlanning, she also:

  • requested that we give her the business name McCall Weddings a week before she started Mcwed magazine. [1]
  • One week later, registered the domain names “” and ““, [2] [3], then falsely stated otherwise. [4]
  • Attempted to trademark the hashtag #McCallWeddings before we even filed the lawsuit against her. [5]
  • Advertised as a wedding/event planner using a name similar to ours, causing confusion. [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]
  • Repeatedly used photos of weddings we coordinated or catered in her marketing without giving us any credit, [11] [12] [13] [14] and
  • defamed us to vendors and others whom we worked with.

We both agreed to settle the lawsuit in July of 2015. [15] Despite this, her company continued its infringing behavior, and she continued to defame us. The new lawsuit was filed in August of 2015 to enforce the settlement agreement, which included, among other things, renewing a domain name she agreed not to renew. It was later amended to include defamation and defamation per se. As ruled by the judge, Ms. Scheline’s company did indeed break the settlement agreement. [16]  There are still several motions for the court to hear. The last two years have been fought over violating a settlement agreement that she could have easily complied with, and defaming us.

Additionally, while Ms. Scheline claims she isn’t in competition with us, she’s made several statements to the contrary. [17] [18] [19] [20]



According Ms. Scheline’s bankruptcy filing, she filed personal bankruptcy. Despite her claims, her business, IDoWed, did not file bankruptcy.   Although her membership interest in I Do Wed, LLC, is property of the bankruptcy estate, it is unlikely the appointed trustee has taken any action to fire or remove Ms. Scheline from the business or otherwise dissolve I Do Wed, LLC.  Ms. Scheline’s personal bankruptcy filing did not trigger any prohibition against I Do Wed, LLC from fulfilling its contracts and/or distributing its magazines. (I’m not an attorney and this is not legal advice). For more information on personal vs. business bankruptcy, please visit this site.


Ms. Scheline has intimated that our friends have conspired with us to bully Ms. Scheline, despite admitting under oath that she has no evidence. However, it’s possibly Ms. Scheline’s own interactions with others in the community that have caused a dislike towards her, unrelated to us.  [21] [22] [23] [24] [25] [26] [27] [28] [29] [30] [31].

In addition, Ms. Scheline has also:

and many other attempts to harm or harass us.


When Ms. Scheline claims to have poured every penny into (what?), we very seriously disagree. According to her bankruptcy documents, Ms. Scheline borrowed money from her neighbor/friend to pay her first attorney. Ms. Scheline’s last attorney, Matt Williams, claimed that Ms. Scheline never paid him any money. Ms. Scheline’s bankruptcy filing was paid for by her father Cliff Scheline. Ms. Scheline still owes the printer money (See bankruptcy filing). 

So think about this. If Ms. Scheline borrowed money from her friends and family to pay her attorneys, never paid them back, never paid the remainder balances, still owes the printer money, and now claims there’s no money left, where did all the money go?


The Hashtag:

The hashtag was a small part of the original lawsuit. The breach of settlement lawsuit was because Ms. Scheline signed an agreement to stop certain functions, like using the hashtag, renewing a domain name, etc. Defamation was added to the lawsuit in March of 2016. 

It’s also important to note, Ms. Scheline attempted to trademark #McCallWeddings before us, and before the lawsuit was filed against her, creating an urgency for us to trademark it.

See first paragraph above.

Trademark Date:

If you go to the publicly accessible Trademark Search page at the USPTO, you will find the trademark was applied for on June 17, 2014 before the lawsuit was filed. The trademark infringement lawsuit was filed August 1, 2014 and was settled June 8, 2015, and the approval of the trademark was granted December 22, 2015. The trademark was not applied for mid-lawsuit, as Ms. Scheline seems to imply.


Court loss:

False. Ms. Scheline’s company was found guilty of breach of the settlement. (Court Decision)


Cease and Desist:

Also completely false. The cease and desist for the first lawsuit was sent May 15, 2014. The lawsuit was then filed August 8, 2014. The cease and desist for the second lawsuit was sent August 26, 2015. The lawsuit was filed August 31, 2015.

Sherry Scheline has misconstrued the nature of the lawsuit against her, withheld documents from discovery, delayed providing discovery, and made material false statements regarding evidence, delaying a court trial. Ms. Scheline has threatened to shut her business down since May of 2016. We feel that her filing bankruptcy, which has stopped the lawsuit, is just another instance of Ms. Scheline attempting to delay justice.

There is much more information coming, and as soon as we can legally provide it, we will.