All the Answers

Q? Why does my event have to end at a certain time (commonly 10:00 PM)?


Many venues and neighborhoods in the McCall area fall under the 10:00 PM citywide noise ordinance. These rules must be strictly adhered to. It ensures that your party won’t be fined, as well as creating future community goodwill, so that we can continue to enjoy special events at these fantastic venues in the future. Certain venues have an earlier or later noise ordinance depending upon the location,  and whether they are an indoor or outdoor facility.

Q? If we are providing the alcohol for our bar services ourselves, what all do we need to know?


A lot.

Idaho Law dictates that all alcohol provided for an event come from one entity, and that entity becomes liable for any potential issues pertaining to alcohol consumption for that event.

The one exception is if a vendor is providing the alcohol, and you want to bring in a limited number of bottles of specialty wine. If a corkage fee is charged for that wine, and being served by the vendor, then the liability still falls to the vendor.

At no time are individuals allowed to bring in their own alcohol to an event when a vendor is the one supplying the alcohol. (This includes that one groomsman that you know is going to have a flask in his pocket.)

If this occurs, it will be confiscated and secured until after the event has concluded. It may be returned to the guest at the discretion of the vendor, or event coordinator, based on risk assessment at that time. 

No special permits are needed so long as no money is being charged for the beverages. Some venues may request that you fill out an on-site permit for their records. 

If you decided to provide alcohol and your own bar services, you’re responsible for bringing your own bar supplies including: ice, cups, keg box, Co2, straws, corkscrews, bottle openers, and fruit for garnish…everything necessary for a functional bar. 

DeLish Catering does provide bartenders for rent if you choose not to use our full bar services. If you are only renting bartenders, your bar will need to be set up completely, and ready for them to start serving upon arrival. Should you want to provide all the bar necessities, but not worry about having set it up,  we can supply that service for an additional charge (Price TBD based on guest count, number of bars, and complexity of set up)

Q? What are vendor meals?


It is industry standard that for the vendors that are not able to leave your event to obtain a decent meal, that it be supplied for them on-site, and included in your guest count. The meal does not necessarily need to be the same that is offered to the guests. It is perfectly acceptable to offer a more affordable option (like pasta) .

These vendors are usually limited to photographers, videographers, DJ’s or Bands, and coordinators. Each event is different, and we will be happy to help you determine if your vendors should be provided a meal.

When DeLish is supplying the catering services, no vendor meals are ever charged for our staff, or for McCall Weddings coordinators. It’s one more way we make sure that you are taken care of on your special day, and keep a little bit extra scratch in your pocket for that honeymoon.

Q? Do you deliver and/or transport the wedding cake?


No. We recommend that the vendor providing the cake also be contracted to transport the cake and set up on location.  Trust us, you really don’t want to worry about Uncle Rob tripping over your nephew, and accidently dropping the cake that came in the back of a guest’s car.

While we don’t deliver or transport wedding cakes, transportation fee and cake set up is automatically included with cakes provided by our sister company DeLish Catering. 

Q? Why is there a cake-cutting fee?


In situations where your caterer or family members or friends are not tasked with cutting and serving your wedding cake, we provide a cake cutting service to ensure that your cake is presented and distributed in a professional and efficient manner. The fee covers the additional staff required to take care of these services as well as the silverware, plates, napkins, and bussing of all related items. 

Q? Will you emcee my event?


Heck yeah! We can rock that mic as emcee for you. There may be additional fee, depending upon what package you have booked through us.

The service could be included in our Emerald or Diamond packages depending on the level of complexity needed.

Please note that we are not professional DJs, or certified in sound mixing technology, but will do the best that we can to assist with providing you, and your guests, with information, direction, and tending to playlists. 

Q? What does the officiant need to know/have to be legal?


Your officiant will need to be ordained, either through standard church regulations or online, and will need to have documented proof of ordination.

For a marriage to be legally binding, the ceremony must include, at minimum, two distinct elements. The first being the Declaration of Intent – this is most commonly recognized as the exchange of “I do’s”, the second being,  the Pronouncement, where the officiant pronounces that the couple is officially married.

Following the ceremony, the officiant, two people being married, and witnesses are all required to sign the marriage license to finalize the process. One copy will be retained by the Bride and Groom and one is required to be sent to the appropriate courthouse for recording purposes. Typically, this is the county where the ceremony was performed, or where the couple lives.

Q? Is decor included in your coordination price?


No. We want to be able to give our clients options to customize their special day, and some clients choose to provide part or all of their own decor.

We look forward to discussing your event vision, reviewing our decor catalog with you, and giving you a customized quote to meet your needs. 


Q? Will I need to hire an assistant for my wedding day?


No, but it will be a much better day if you do.

Our premier event coordination Diamond and Emerald packages both include an assistant. If you have a lot of decor and floral, or need extra help for your event, you can add one  à la carte. Extra help allows you to focus on your special day instead of setting up and breaking down your event. Learn more about our event coordination packages.

Q? Who’s in charge of bussing the tables and cleaning up after the event?


The company providing the catering services for your event is usually responsible for cleanup of all services they are providing for you, including food, bar items,  and appropriately related trash.

Bussing services aren’t included in our coordination packages. We recommend that you check with your catering/bar service provider to ensure that they intend to fulfill that obligation to avoid any surprises on the day of the event… like 250 paper plates, napkins, utensils, no garbage bags combined with no assigned clean up crew.*

If you choose to book with DeLish catering, bussing and cleanup are automatically included in our pricing.

*This really happened.

Q? Do I need to have a venue booked before I hire you?


Nope. In most cases, our clients choose to  book their venue prior to contacting us for our coordinating services. We do offer venue consultation packages to help you find the perfect venue, based on your needs, starting at $250.

If you are already booked for our Emerald or Diamond Coordination package, then assistance with finding your venue is included in the cost. See coordination package information for more details.


Q? Do I need event insurance?


To ensure that you aren’t liable for potentially costly issues that may arise at your event, we highly recommend that you get event insurance.* Many venues require insurance, and some venues include it in their pricing. Consult with your venue if it is included or required with venue booking fees.

You can get affordable event insurance online, or as a rider through your homeowner’s insurance policy. You can check with your insurance company to determine if you have coverage already, or how to add it.

Q? What’s the difference between a venue coordinator and an event coordinator?


A venue coordinator is someone who is onsite to make sure facilities/ venue are being maintained throughout an event. Venue coordinators are there to assist with any questions or problems that may potentially arise based on amenities and supplies of the venue. This person is typically employed by the venue, and is not necessarily aware of event details.

An event coordinator is in charge of the entire orchestration of an event. This includes:
-Corresponding with various vendors

-Organizing the event timeline

-Ensuring that the event day is flowing well (so you’re not late to your own wedding)

-Keeping tabs on the arrival of all vendors

-Handling any unforeseen issues or emergencies that may arise

(There are always at least 1 or 12 emergencies the day of the event. When you hire us, you don’t even need to hear about most of them. We’ve got you.)